django-roa / .hgtags

Full commit
81b112d277483c1f751debd70ba32febede2f865 0.1
195a60205a95afeca6f80432d701df8f219f5591 0.2
efb28c5ea1f4791d88db6b71341ccf04bacf12b9 0.3
a1d85028f3c09a39c2f4872fbac01d73388496ad 0.4
062ea60a4ac8f0c183522687de7888d7a3ba5c3a 0.5
aded008eafcd9beb3732f00229514463129f7978 0.6
3472cf46793f94c079cea93298dda0d5baafa284 0.7
44ca10ae1a4970d2c2a57003f065f78514036486 0.8
382e0d19811c9398f6f6d1778164efc523dbd94f 0.9
7bdc4baad643054e20b04508da2948dcaf762b32 1.0
f67107509ea1e070ece1dcf880c42d863e1789c6 1.1
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