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Getting ready for 1.1 release

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 django-roa changelog
+Version 1.1, 28 February 2008:
+* Add support for Groups and Permissions in remoteauth application (still
+  depends on builtin Django's ContentTypes).
+* Add support for ModelForms with complex relations.
+* Add an example to document the use of a custom serializer.
+* Update py-restclient to the latest revision.
+* Backward incompatible changes: RemoteUser model has been renamed to User and
+  ROAUserManager to UserManager to be consistent with the existing auth app.
 Version 1.0, 23 January 2008:
 * Add support for many-to-many relations.
-* Warning: Many-to-many relations depends on Django' issue #10109, apply the 
+* Warning: Many-to-many relations depends on Django's issue #10109, apply the 
   attached patch if you need it.
 * Update py-restclient to 1.1.4.
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